• Clicks Analysis – Essential Part of Pay per Click

    Clicks Analysis – Essential Part of Pay per Click

    Clicks analysis is one of the essential parts of the Pay per Click or PPC campaign that matters a lot in ensuring overall success of PPC management. On a website, it is the process that include collection, analysis, reporting aggregate data about the pages visited in the order that are the result of the succession of mouse clicks made by each visitor. In Pay per Click, click analysis is often divided into different categories like traffic analysis and e-commerce analysis. The second one is very important and plays a major role.


    As far as traffic clicks analysis is concerned, it helps in operating at the server level by gathering clicks data related to the way taken by the user at the time of navigation through the site. Tracks of traffic analysis shows how many pages are served to the users and how long time pages take to load. There are also some other points like how many times visitors/users hits the browser back or stop button along with the reports of data transmitted before one moves on.


    On the other hand, e-commerce clicks analysis works on the data to determine the effectiveness of the site as a channel-to-market by enumerating the user’s activities during the presence at web page. Such clicks analysis is used to track the pages on those users’ remains on along with putting in or taking out of shopping cart. Clicks analysis services are the integral part of PPC or Pay per Click campaign that makes the PPC ever more effective.


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    Website analysis and clicks analysis services help in monitoring visitors to the site and presenting something effective to build up online revenue. Analytic consultation services provided by us are helpful in enabling a comprehensive supervision of visitors through email marketing, PPC advertising, SEM and Email campaign.