Why Our SEO Company India Is The Best?

We provide affordable yet the best SEO services. Our SEO team works along with the digital marketing experts to generate your brand visibility higher with strategic planning as well as doing extremely your competitors analysis.

Our SEO Process is continuously evolving as Google updates its algorithm. Our internal research with the audit team keeps testing on-page SEO techniques as well as link building tricks. We have helped plentiful brands as well as industries to rank higher in different search engine keywords relevantly.

Our committed team of SEO experts provides comprehensive strategies that ensure that you will get a top ranking on search engines. Speed is very significant for a website. It’s so vital that Google has made it an actual ranking factor. Over time, Google has taken action to improve the loading speed of websites by offering a set of tools for developers and webmasters.

Does Page Speed Affect SEO?

Page speed does affect SEO. Page speed is an important ranking factor, a fact recognized even better since Google’s Algorithm Speed Update. At Google, users come first. Studies by Google show that average loading speed is very slow. They also show that users leave the site after about 3 seconds. This means that their experience is bad and Google doesn’t like ranking sites that offer bad user experience.

Page speed is also important to user experience. Pages with a longer load time tend to have superior bounce rates as well as lesser average time on page.

SEO marketers must be analyzed as well as improving page speed. A great place to start is compressing images, utilizing caching, reducing server response time, allowing file compression, as well as removing multiple redirects.

Optimize Images

Images are weighty content as well as they may gravely slow your page down. Compressed pictures load faster as well as don’t weigh down your page as much. Compressing those means you may keep your image quality, and dimensions while reducing how much power is needed to process them.

Enable Caching

Caching ensures the pages on your site to process faster. Instead of making a fresh request for a page every time it requirements to load, caching saves copies of your pages. So, while the same request is made, your server may utilize the copy of the page as well as load it much faster than if it were processing the page as an entirely new request every time.

Decrease server response time

There are plentiful potential factors that may slow down the response of your server: slow database queries, libraries, slow routing, frameworks, slow application logic, or inadequate memory. All these factors should be taken into consideration while trying to recover your server’s response time.

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